Calling shell commands from SP-Forth, Linux

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Calling shell commands from SP-Forth, Linux

Eduardo Costa
Nearly all implementations of Forth offer unix like shell services. For instance, one can issue shell commands from SwiftForth:

~/frt/SwiftForth$ bin/linux/sf
SwiftForth i386-Linux 3.4.5 03-Oct-2012
$ ls
bernd.f~  bnf.fs~  doc        lib      mbrad.f   sievebench.fs~
bin      brad.f   fib.f    LICENSE  mbrad.f~  src

Bigforth, gforth, Vfx Forth have equivalent methods of calling shell services. How to do external shell calls from SP-Forth, running under Linux? I suppose that one can call a dynamic library service to do the magic. Is there a library in the devel folder that I can include, in order to call the unix shell?

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