smartcard operating system in forth language

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smartcard operating system in forth language

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Partnership Tender Offer

OneCardConnect LLC

Smart card applications

Card Operating System

Personalisation Server

Payment Processing Server

Database Distribution Server



Host Security Module


OneCardConnect LLC

Secure Methods of  getting you connected.

 Tender offer for partnership

This memo is to solicit partner membership in OneCardConnect LLC to develop terminal, Host Security Module, Card Operating  System and Smart card applications for dual interface smart card. Personalisation Server and Payment Processing Appliance.

Goals to be achieved


For Uclinux ,embedded  knowledge is needed for terminal and host security module.

"Forth" language will be used to develop card operating system and applications.

A primer here on what I plan to use as tools to accomplish my goals

For Card Operating System and application development

Forth scripting language

Runs Faster than Java!!


Selinux is the industry standard for rock solid applications.

The latest security enhanced linux right down to the granular level.

It's free!!

q&a on selinux here

I attach  papers of new technologies I intend to use for content (application) distribution and transaction updates. for sfs cleint and server

re-encryption proxy code


I plan to have linux on flash inside personalisation server and have sfs client communicating with one of the content distribution centers to download an application(s) to personalise the card.

We need security performed at the granular level for the connections to and from the personalisation server and between content distribution servers.







OneCardConnect LLC